Mads Ellegaard Mads Ellegaard (DK)

Head of relations, home

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For 20 years Mads Ellegaard has been on the front seat of the digital business development. Based on a strong entrepreneurial spirit he has founded and run digital agencies. He has always enjoyed being an advisor to great corporations as they transcend into new ways of doing business while digitizing networks, products and services.

Mads is Head of Relations at home A/S, the real estate chain of Danske Bank. Mads is the spokesperson of the company regarding strategic matters, and he is in charge of home’s national communication and marketing for the 170 stores and about 900 employees. He has turned the real estate business into the largest media publishers running 160 facebook pages, launching 45.000 videos per and publishing hundreds of millions of targeted ads every single year.

His vision is to make the world a better place by using his resources to connect corporations and employees to the world around them, thus improving the benefits for the clients.

Mads lives in Aarhus. He has 3 children, loves upcoming art and enjoys kitesurfing, winter swimming and yoga. He ran his first (and maybe last) Marathon just last month.

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