Jenny Gejke Jenny Gejke (SE)

Head of Sales Channels, SJ

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Jenny is responsible for the development of SJ’s digital self-service channels. 2016 has SJ launched a new web platform, a new mobile app, new TVMs and a new digital presence for SJ. SJ Jenny has previously helped establish SJ’s presence in social media and has developed and launched new digital services for traffic and better customer service . Jenny has a wide experience of working with the development of digital services as both a client and as a consultant.

SJ´s Head of Sales Channels Jenny Gejke shares the key success factors and pit falls when creating a competitive digital experience throughout the customer journey.

– Engaging the customer and employers in developing the digital experience and creating your digital roadmap

– Working with long-term strategic development in parallel with fast-track innovation

– Measuring your progress with relevant KPIs

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