Roundtable discussions

Come join 2 x 25 minutes of informal roundtable discussions to get answers on your specific questions or help others by sharing your expert knowledge.
Each table has no more than 10 attendees and is assigned a specific topic and moderator. First come first served: you don’t get to see who’s at the table until you get there.

After the initial 25 minutes are up, you get to pick another table for the next 25 minutes of discussion.

  1. Digital strategy – securing ownership and good governance in the organisation – Rune Stæhr, City of Roskilde
  2. Digital workplace evolution – beyond the hypeJed Cawthorne
  3. Employee driven innovation – by Bernd Burkert, KPS
  4. GDPR (EU privacy regulation) – by Kristian Storgaard, Kromann Reumert
  5. Going agile   by Karoliina Luoto, Codento
  6. Going cloud  by Perttu Tolvanen, North Patrol
  7. Internal communications – what’s the best format? – by Kristin Brinkert, AstraZeneca
  8. Preparing content for multiple digital channels – Stephen Emmott, J. Boye
  9. Making it successful – how to lead the way in digital – by Jake DiMare, Digital Clarity Group
  10. Using insights to improve the customer experience – by Anders Christiansen, Envision

Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Kristin Brinkert Kristin Brinkert (DE) Rune Stæhr Rune Stæhr (DK)