How to use digital to grow corporate power – and the importance of getting the internal organization on board

One of the greatest things about working within the digital field is that setting up new products, services and workflows is the key to develop the business and the mindset of the organization.
It is all about developing a new digital core and present it in a way that offers the corporate strengths to the consumers while developing the corporate identity from within.

Mads will present his take on how to use digital as the main force to change and charge corporate culture:
Instead of writing a strategy focused on digital one should simply use digital to develop the corporation; service by service and touch point by touch point.
Don’t write the business strategy in detail, and certainly do not write a separate digital strategy.
Focus on the corporate purpose and goals. Create a digital service that shows how much you want it – and how much you want your customers to benefit from it.
Then the corporation will live it. In that way you don’t just develop digital services – you develop the corporation.

During this session we will dive into these themes regarding strategy and development in the age of digital:

Why you should love burning platforms?
How do you use a burning platform to start a digital development that ignites a fire of positive energy?
How do you use market forces to change internal priorities in the age of digital?

Your take aways;
Kill the challenges of the old fashioned corporate mindset using digital weapons
Develop a stronger corporation using digital development
Make your customers love you because of utility marketing

Strategy in the Digital Age
Date: Thursday, November 3, 2016 Time: 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm Mads Ellegaard Mads Ellegaard (DK)