Digital transformation – everyone’s talking about it but what does it really mean?

Language and words fall in and out of fashion and change meaning according to culture and time. This is especially true in the jargon fueled world of technology and the web where keeping up with the latest innovations is perceived as critical.

‘Digital’ is one of those words and more recently the phrase ‘digital transformation’ has become common parlance to describe the way sectors, organisations and people are changing or are attempting to change the way they live and work in a world enabled by new technology. People are talking about it more than ever before it seems; organisations are creating and recruiting digital transformation roles, establishing projects and programmes to enable digital transformation and talking at conferences about it!

But what does it mean in practice?

The focus is often on choices about technology being paramount for digital transformation which distances it from core business and the people tasked with delivering it. Whereas those organisations who seem to be successfully navigating the process of transforming for the modern world are placing their focus on people and ways of working.

As Mike Bracken, the former head of the Government digital service defines it, digital transformation means “Applying the culture, practices, processes & technologies of the Internet-era to respond to people’s raised expectations.”

In this presentation, Tracy Green will look at how useful it is to talk about digital transformation, the tactics and strategies organisations are employing to change the way they work to deliver their business, and highlight some case studies that demonstrate some of the success stories.

Digital Transformation
Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Tracy Green Tracy Green (UK)