Deciding your digital touch points (apps, bots or just responsive design)

How do you decide which touch points – digital or otherwise – your organisation should embrace in order to engage with its customers?

For the last few years we’ve done responsive design, and maybe some apps. But what’s next? Which digital channels will come after the app boom? How do we decide which channels and opportunities we want to take advantage of? How do we build platforms that enable new channels? Are native apps still relevant or are chat bots taking over? Where are we heading?

This talk will offer examples of different businesses that are building apps and/or investing into responsive design (and web apps). Examples include those from the travel industry, food retail, e-commerce and universities/public administration. How do they handle delivering content in different channels and in different forms? What does  multi-channel mean for your content management architecture?

At North Patrol – a Finnish-based technology-neutral consulting agency – Perttu and his team have been helping clients identify the right digital touch points for their digital ambitions. This includes expanding digital presences to mobile, whether responsive or extending to apps, and the fringe of IoT.

Perttu will draw together the advice given to clients to provide a simple aid to decision making when considering which touch points should be employed. The session will appeal to those responsible for the development and delivery of digital channels.


Deciding your digital touch points from Perttu Tolvanen

Digital Business Development
Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Perttu Tolvanen Perttu Tolvanen (FI)