Build great products faster with small diverse teams

Developing digital products is demanding and time-consuming. It requires a team of people covering a range of specialist – and in-demand – skill sets. The products are often novel: the outcome of innovation and iterative development. Undertaking this in the context of a large and complex organisation often means that inertia stems success.

Sustainable and innovative development requires changes in the way resources are organised and decisions made. At eBay, the development of digital products is led not by a particular division – such as IT versus Marketing – but by product ‘squads’. Within squads, methodology is shifting from Scrum to Dual Track Agile whilst externally, they interface with management and governance through OKR’s: objectives and key results. Given their mission and regular communications, each squad is resourced and released to act autonomously.

In this session, Lisbeth will explain eBay’s approach with reference to a current B2B product squad, and open this up for a focused discussion on the key issues affecting agile practitioners. This session is especially of interest to people working in software development: product managers, software developers, digital designers, QA/test automation engineers and data analysts.

Agile Business
Date: Thursday, November 3, 2016 Time: 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm Lisbeth Storgaard Lisbeth Storgaard (DK)